Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


If your monthly debt payments have grown larger than your monthly income, you may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will not discharge all your debts, but it will allow you to renegotiate several payment arrangements and lower the total amount you owe.

Working with an experienced and understanding Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will help you complete all the necessary paperwork, get through a court hearing, and deal with creditors.

Who Can File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Individuals and married couples can request bankruptcy protection to avoid losing property and receiving court judgments. When the debtor, the person or couple filing, has very high debts and little or no income, filing for chapter 7 protection might be the better option. Speaking with a Milwaukee, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer will help you understand which kind of bankruptcy you could pursue and what kinds of outcomes you can expect

What Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Do?

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets you set up payment plans that meet your ability to comply with the terms set forward by the court. It also forces some creditors to agree to accept less than the full amount owed.

Secured debts, or those for which you have put up collateral like a car or real estate, must still be paid back in full. Unsecured debts such as those on credit cards, medical bills, and past-due utility bills, can be reduced.

Debts that can be well-managed while under Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection include

  • Mortgages,
  • Car Loans,
  • Incomes taxes, and
  • Student loans

How Can I Apply for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Wisconsin?

Since Chapter 13 is part of federal bankruptcy law, you must go through a federal court to receive this form of protection from creditors. Courts in Milwaukee or Madison Wisconsin, handle bankruptcy cases depending on the district which you reside in.

Receiving Chapter 13 protection requires filing a formal petition, facing creditors in court, and entering negotiations with creditors. The Wisconsin Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys with The Law Office of Toma Makedonski offer a more-detailed description of the process here: Applying for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin.

How Do People Pay Debts While Under Chapter 13 Protection?

The bankruptcy judge sets a debt repayment budget that represents all the money left over after living expenses are taken out from monthly income. Living expenses include mortgage/rent, food, gasoline, and basic utilities (e.g., electricity, water). Creditors receive percentages of the debt repayment budget. While a debtor may agree to surrender some collateral instead of continuing to make reduced payments, most people who enter Chapter 13 keep their real and personal property.

Contact our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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